The website providing details of services provided to businesses and organisations transitioning to the low carbon economy -and access to related content from Climatechangematters limited.

Low carbon affects all aspects of the community .The choices faced are complex and attitudes towards the pace of adoption vary considerably.

High energy users  concerned about costs as well as carbon and affected by  the carbon levy and ETS

Businesses and public sector bodies affected by the Carbon Reduction Committment (CRC)  tax

Communities  seeking to radically reorder their local i electricity, heat and waste infrastructure through collective action and new business relationships.

Manufacturers involved or becoming involved in Cleantech and their investors.

 Many initiatives have a short payback and are worthwhile in their own right. Its' not just about carbon reporting.

Read about our UK low carbon score : an assessment of the effectiveness of  UK regulatory policy across a number of indicators and how it can be used to assist  UK Corporates and  engaged in  the move to the low carbon economy via a low carbon transition program.uklow-carbon-score.php.

Get the background on our most recent  Summer term 2011 report where the UK scored a B grade.  

Where could the UK do better even with tight financial background of the spending cuts?

See our Recommendations on 3 specific policies to make a difference. (One of which has now been implemented 6 july 2011)


Read our latest reports The Big Society and renewables http://renewablematters.biz/the-big-society-and-renewables.php 

and Shading the PV returns the impact of recent changes to capital allowances : how they affect social enterprises. 

 Read about our view of the low carbon community. Communities can play a vital role in the transition of our built environment and how we engage in the energy and waste economies.The degree and pace of engagement may well vary from each standpoint  -but in an era of rising energy costs and scarce resources it is unlikely that many will be unaffected- irrespective of views on climatechange.  low-carbon-communities.php


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For copies of our reports

Latest news  2011 December: Treasury responds positively and recommends retention of  EIS for social enterprises by giving exemption to legislation. now incorporated into Finance Bill. 

For community for renewables  see:guest-page-communities4renewables-eis-campaign.php

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