The UK low carbon score
The UK low carbon score grades the effectiveness of UK policies in reducing carbon and is used as a framework for advice to NGO's. 

Our company competitor vs competitor scores  are used as a means of assessing  business and market strategy in the current and anticipated low carbon policy framework with a view to identifying both opportunities and vulnerabilities.

The choices faced by corporates in assessing the type  and timing of low carbon projects to undertake can be complex.

Low carbon transition program design:
We suggest in discussions with clients using a carbon hierarchy as a pragmatic means of  deciding how to  put in place a low carbon transition over time:

See our slide : Using a carbon hierarchy to design a transition program. 

This Service available on a selected basis only and  used as a tool for board level advice (public or private sector). 

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 Carbon reduction as a driver  for profit:
With rising energy costs and waste disposal costs many actions can have a surprisingly quick payback. 
Reinvest proceeds from low hanging fruit into longer term initiatives.
 Reengineering products to save customer  energy costs.
Uk low carbon score example output
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Download report issued to Friends of the Earth on the  UK's low carbon strategy  (issued January 2010 and containing the December 2009 score).

The UK's low carbon strategy .doc”.pdf The UK's low carbon strategy .doc”.pdf
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For other reports focussed on renewables see

Services are provided on a collaborative basis by climate changematters limited and its affiliates to a limited number of clients only using client internal teams and external advisors if appropriate (wh(which can be referred if required). Climatechangematters limited does not provide investment advise or carbon broking services.